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Which Planet Are You From?

Short and sweet, huh? How many times you been asked this question? You know why they ask you this question. It’s usually because you’ve gone and done something really crazy. Or you’ve come up with a brilliant proposal that no-one has quite come around to. That’s usually what’s been happening to many of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs. One famous real-life scenario, yes, it’s become real, it’s no longer within the realms of science fiction, is that of an entrepreneur who has always dreamed of traveling through space to different planets within the solar system.


And now it’s really happening folks. One day, in a galaxy far, far away, this great dude will become something of a pioneering legend. But then again, maybe there’s intelligent life out there who have already spotted him. And, as they like to say, they’re monitoring the situation, as it unfolds, very closely. For reasons to do with their superior, or is it pretentious, intelligence, they won’t be eyeing the moviestarplanet just yet. But that’s where you’ll be going right. And when you tell your pals about this journey you intend taking in the next few minutes, after you’ve finished your reading here, maybe they’ll be doing the same thing.

Why? Because they can (you too). And why again? Because it’s so darn easy. You don’t need a futuristic looking spacecraft to launch your way into super-stardom. All you need is that smart mobile device of yours and moviestarplanet. Even if you’re still stuck in the dark ages, for reasons known only to yourself (and yes, they’ll be saying; are you really for real) and you’re stuck at your desk with that lunky clunky computer of yours, you can still access this planet. Unless of course, for some strange interplanetary reason, you’ve got no internet.

Come on guys, this is the twenty first century. And that other impressionable and ambitious dude we were just telling you about has already fast forwarded himself at least a couple of centuries. Now that you have your internet all sorted out, hopefully its zooming at a spacecraft speed too, you’ll be in on the movie planet within a matter of minutes. Yes, it does seem a bit primitive at this stage, but there’s this registration process to sort out. But it’s so darn simple, really, so simple that even guys from the dark ages can figure this one out.