特性描述 Feature description

"全自动燃油、燃气beat365正版网站为燃烧器下置式烟火管锅炉,选配进口燃烧器,全自动程序控制,自动化程度高,可使锅炉达到最佳的燃烧效果。宝钢镀铝锌彩涂板包装,外型美观。可为宾馆、学校、浴池和其它企事业单位提供采暖、生活热水。锅炉分为:取暖型、温水型和兼用型。Full-automatic fuel oil and gas hot water boiler is combustor underneath type smoke and fire tube boiler, equipped with imported combustor, full-automatic program control, high automation, and it can make the boiler reach to optimum combustion effect. Packaged by Baosteel aluminum-zinc color coated sheet, appearance is beautiful. It can provide heating, domestic hot water for hotel, school, common bathing pool and other enterprises and public institutions. Boiler is divided into heating type, warm water type and dual-purpose type."
主要特点 Major characteristics
"1.锅炉烟管内置有扰流片,增加了受热面积,强化了传热,降低了排烟温度。Equip with spoiler in the boiler flue tube which increases heating area, strengthening heat transfer and reducing smoke emission temperature."
"2.本锅炉采用新型保温材料,其保温性能好,重量轻,热损失少。This boiler adopts new type heat preservation material, good heat preservation performance, light weight and small heat loss."
"3.整个锅炉系统安全可靠,锅炉装有多重安全保护装置,可使锅炉运行更加安全可靠。The whole boiler system is safe and reliable. Install multiple safety protection devices in the boiler, which makes boiler running safer and more reliable."
4.时间设置功能,使锅炉在设定的时间内起停。Time setting function makes boiler startup and shutdown in the set time.
"5.过热保护:锅炉内水温超高时,自动禁止燃烧器工作并报警。Overheating protection: when water temperature in boiler is too high, prevent combustor work and alarm automatically. "
"6.二次过热保护:锅炉外壳温度超过100℃时,自动切断二次回路,正常后自动复位。Secondary overheating protection: when the boiler enclosure temperature exceeds 100℃, cut off secondary circuit automatically and reset automatically after it is normal."
7.水位实时监控:锅炉低水位时切断燃烧器实现保护。Water level real time monitoring: cut off combustor to realize protection when boiler water level is low.
"8.用户可根据负荷的需要需要设定锅炉的供水温度从而降低运行费用。Users can set boiler water supply temperature according to load requirements, and thus reduce operating cost."
9.进/出水温度显示功能更加方便地掌握锅炉及系统的运行状况。In/ out temperature display function is convenient to master running state of boiler and system.

10.防冻功能:当检测到炉水温度低于10℃时,燃烧器自动工作。Anti-freezing function: combustor works automatically when water temperature in the furnace is detected lower than 10℃.


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