特性Feature description
主要特点Major characteristics
"该产品具有无噪声、无污染、安装使用方便等优点。热效率高达98%以上,内置换热器可承压1.0MPa,该产品采用了以下关键技术:This product has the advantages of no noise, no pollution and convenient installation and use. Heat efficiency is up to above 98%, built-in heat exchanger can bear 1.0MPa pressure. This product adopts the following key technologies:"
1.SUS304换热器按照要求设计成能够同时提供两种不同用途的热水. US30 heat exchanger is designed according to requirements to provide hot water with two different uses at the same time.
"2.电热管排列和接线结构:实现机组电加热管合理排列,方便更换和维修.Electric heating tube arrangement and connection structure: realize reasonable arrangement of unit electric heating tube, convenient for exchange and maintenance."
"3.PLC控制技术:实现机组全自动无人值守,电加热管步进式分时投入法控制启停,保证电锅炉安全运行.具有超温、过载、短路、漏电、缺水,缺相等安全保护措施。PLC control technology: realize unit full-automatic unmanned mode, electric heating tube marching type time sharing input method control startup and shutdown ensures safe running of electric boiler, having the safe protection measures of overheat, overload, short circuit, electric leakage, water shortage, default phase, etc."
"4.全中文菜单,简捷人机界面,锅炉运行参数动态显示。Chinese menu, human-computer interface is simple and boiler operating parameters are dynamic display."
"5.可选配RS485通讯接口,可实现锅炉集中控制,远程监控.Optional RS485 communication interface can realize boiler centralized control, remote monitoring."
"6.所有电器元件均采用具有3C认证的西门子,施耐德,ABB,HONEYWELL,正泰等知名品牌。All electrical equipment elements adopt Siemens, Schneider, ABB, HONEYWELL, Chint and other famous brands with 3C authentication."
"7.机柜分离,整体设计外观精美,安装,拆卸,维修方便.Equipment and cabinet separates, global design appearance is exquisite, installation, disassembly and maintenance are convenient. "
产品用途 Product use
"该系列产品具有两种基本功能:即供中央空调,地板辐射采暖以及提供工业及民用生活热水。These series products have two basic functions: heating for central air conditioning and floor radiation as well as providing domestic hot water for industry and civil use."


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