特性描述Feature description

主要特点Major characteristics
"1.采用优质的电加热管,其表面负荷低,使用寿命长。Adopt high quality electric heating tube, its surface load is low and service life is long."
"2.采用步进式分时投入法控制电热元件,可减少锅炉对电网的冲击,从而使锅炉运行更可靠。Control electric heating element by marching type time sharing input method, which can reduce impact of boiler on power grid, and thus make the boiler running more reliable."
"3.加热元件根据温差及负荷的变化自动调整加热管的投入组数,并可自动转换投入次序,不仅节约能耗,而且使每组加热管的运行时间均衡,从而均匀加热管的寿命。According to temperature difference and load change, heating element can adjust input number of heating tube group automatically and can switch input sequence automatically, not only saving energy consumption, but making the running time of each group heating tube balance, and thus prolong the service life of heating tubes."
"4.加热元件亦可手动投入或停止,方便用户灵活调整锅炉发热量。Heating elements can also be manual input or shutdown, convenient for users to adjust boiler heat productivity flexibly. "
"5.采用高级离心玻璃纤维丝棉多层保温,热损失少,能耗低,热效率高。Adopt advanced centrifugal glass fiber floss for multi-layer heat preservation, having small hot loss, low energy consumption and high heat efficiency."
6.提供生活热水的炉体热镀锌处理,使锅炉不易生锈被腐蚀,锅炉使用寿命更长。The furnace body hot galvanizing treatment to provide domestic hot water makes the boiler hard to rust and the service life of boiler is longer.
"7.大功率电热锅炉采用控制和炉体分体式,避免了电器元件受热。High power electric heating boiler adopts control and furnace body separated type, avoiding heating of electrical equipment elements. "
保护装置Protection device
"1.锅炉极限水位保护功能:水位低于最低极限水位时,自动切断电源并报警。正常后,按复位键,重新启动。Boiler limit water level protection function: when water level is lower than the minimum limit water level, cut off power source automatically and alarm. Press reset bottom and restart after it is normal."
2.锅炉温度传感器异常保护功能:每次开机后,控制系统首先检测传感器情况,如异常则自动切断锅炉电源并报警。Boiler temperature sensor abnormity protection function: control system detects sensor conditions first after each starting up. Cut off boiler power source and alarm automatically if it is abnormal.
"3.锅炉漏电保护功能:电器元件采用西门子,施耐德,ABB,HONEYWELL,正泰等知名品牌,控制系统检测到电热元件漏电后,立刻停机,故障排除后复位重起。Boiler earth leakage protection function: electric equipment elements adopt Siemens, Schneider, ABB, HONEYWELL, Chint and other famous brands. Shut down boiler immediately if control system detects electric heating element is electric leakage, and reset it after troubleshooting."
"4.加热元件断相保护功能:自检到电热元件缺相后,停机保护 Heating element open-phase protection function: when electric elements is detected default phase, shut down boiler for protection."
产品用途Product use
"可为宾馆、学校、浴池和其它企事业单位提供采暖、生活热水。Provide heating, domestic hot water for hotel, school, common bathing pool and other enterprises and public institutions. "


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